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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Interior Bathroom Design Tips - Designing a Practical Bathroom

There are some people who are more into appearance and the aesthetic appeal of rooms than the function, but when it comes to a bathroom it should really always be about practicality. When it comes to interior bathroom design, there are a few tips that will help you make it as practical as possible and end up with a beautifully designed room you can enjoy.

One issue you should tackle is where to keep the toilet paper. This is something many people would overlook when designing a room but it is actually very important. If it is a smaller bathroom you may want to keep the toilet paper out of the room altogether. If there is a hall closet or other space you can keep it in, you will be better storing it there than taking up unnecessary space in the bathroom.

It is important to determine who is going to be using this bathroom. Of course nothing is set in stone but for instance if you are redoing the kids bathroom, there are different items you need included in the room. You will probably need more room for storage, such as for toys for the bath.

Also consider towel storage. There is always at least a sink in each bathroom so you want room to store a few towels. Guests should never have to search around for extra towels when in the bathroom. Whether they want to have a bath or shower or just wash their hands and face, there should be ample towel storage space. You can be really functional. Use a few towel racks attached to the wall, use a facecloth hanger on the wall, and then store a few extras in the bathroom vanity.

You may want to add a piece of art to the room to add that perfect finishing touch. Many people would not think of putting art in their bathroom but this is the perfect place for it. Your bathroom is supposed to be relaxing and serene.

For smaller bathrooms you can actually add in a larger piece of art and it will trick the eye into thinking the room is larger than it actually is. Think of art with flowers and pretty feminine designs for the bathroom. Pastel shades work especially nicely.

Designing a bathroom should not be a hassle. It should be fun and a great do-it-yourself task to take on for yourself. If you ever need any help coming up with a design you can visit your local home improvement or hardware store to get ideas.

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